Privacy Settings

I have had different conversations with lots of people about the privacy settings offered on wordpress blogs.  Here’s a summary of some of the issues. It is easy to block search engines, meaning that they will not pop up in searches on or google (this is in the settings tab on my dashboard – I believe all of our blogs are set up like this currently, but you can easily check).  However, if someone has the url, they can still see everything that happens on the blog (they are considered “normal visitors” and it is standard to allow them on any blog).  If you want to keep what is happening on the blog private, you have some options:

When you post, you can choose to make that specific page password protected, which means you would have to get in touch with the blog’s users and tell them what the password is.  One easy way to do this would be to always use the same password (like your last name) and that way your habitual readers would know the password.  However, as you can imagine, this could get complicated if people forget the password, especially if you are dealing with deadlines for students.

You can also choose to make a specific page private when you post, which means that only editors and administrators can access that post.  This will not work for course blogs where students are only allowed “author” access to the blog.

Click here for the wordpress help page that explains this in more detail.

You can also make the entire blog private (through the settings tab in my dashboard), which means that you can identify users that you would like to have access, and no one else can even see the blog (when they type in the url, it will prompt them to have to sign in).  The problem here is that you can only do this for 35 users for free – it costs about $30 to add unlimited private users to a blog.

Click here for the wordpress help page that explains this in more detail.


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