Now we’re getting fancy – creating links in the body of a post

As you may have already noticed, I like using linked text in my posts instead of cutting and pasting a link that disrupts the flow of the post.

Here’s the difference.  I can write:

Look at my alma mater in the news:, which provides a link but sort of stops the blog reader in their tracks (in some themes this won’t even show up as a link – it will force the reader to cut and paste that link into their browser), or I can embed the link in the blog like this:

I was able to use the common application when I applied to Tufts, but now the application is really cutting-edge. Go Jumbos!

In this case, you can use the words that you make into a link to sort of comment on the link that you are providing, which can be fun.  It also creates a more seamless reading experience.

Here’s how you do it:

When you are writing a post and want to insert a link, click on the starburst icon next to upload/insert (when you roll your mouse over it, it says “add media”).  Click on the from URL tab.  Paste the URL of the link you want in the URL space, and write the text you want to be linked to it in the space that says “title” (so in the above case I wrote cutting-edge in that box).  Then just click insert into post.  Have fun!


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