What about the About page?

I’m writing this post to emphasize the importance of the “about page” for the readers of your blog.  Some of the Jbloggers have done an awesome job of crafting their about pages (see MaryBeth’s about page which she has re-titled “my life and my intentions”), and I am hoping that everyone will do the same.

As you can see from my about page on this blog, about pages can be simple, short, and they don’t necessarily have to expose all that much about you.  What is important is that they explain why you are writing this blog and give enough information about you to introduce your blogger persona to a new reader, even if that new reader finds your blog months and months after your first post.  For example, Arielle’s about page doesn’t say very much about her at all, but explains the purpose of the blog, which is totally fine.

Because the about page is static, it will always be accessible to a new reader, as opposed to an introductory blog post, which will move down the screen (and eventually on to different pages) as you post more and more.  It can still be a good idea to have an introductory post, especially if you are dealing with a situation in which lots of people will be looking at your blog for the first time all at once (like a course blog), but the about page ensures that a reader will know what’s going on no matter when s/he finds the blog.

To edit your about page, go to my dashboard and then click on pages.  Click on EDIT underneath the page entitled ABOUT (if for some reason your blog doesn’t have an about page automatically just add a new page).  When you are editing the page, you can also personalize the title – it doesn’t have to just say “About.”  Remember to unclick the box that says “ALLOW COMMENTS” unless for some reason you’d like people to comment on the about page, but usually this seems pretty unnecessary.  When you are ready to publish it, click the blue UPDATE button on the right of the screen (or if it is a new page, click PUBLISH).


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