Some Comments on Comments

Now that some of your blogs are getting some traffic (yay!), I thought I’d talk about the commenting feature.  As some of you may have noticed, as administrators of your blogs you can control almost every aspect of commenting.  There are a ton of help pages on this issue – here’s one to get you started. 

The one major thing I would underline is that you should decide whether or not you want to approve the comments before they are posted (I think probably not – if you start getting inappropriate comments you can always change this).  To allow comments to be posted automatically (without your approval), go to your dashboard, click on SETTINGS and then DISCUSSION. Next to BEFORE A COMMENT APPEARS unclick both boxes.  If you want to approve someone’s first comment but not their subsequent ones, you can keep the second box clicked.  This is also the screen where you can manage how often you want to be emailed about comments being posted – I would suggest setting it to email you whenever a comment is posted or held for moderation (which is the default anyway). 

Comments really make a blog feel alive – to encourage commenting you might want to write a series of questions at the end of a blog post to try to generate discussion.  Happy blogging!


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