Don’t forget your blog as you go springing ahead!

If any of you are like me, it might take you a few days to update all of the various clocks, time pieces, and electronics in your life after daylight saving’s time (and you might still be a little cranky about the hour of sleep you lost over the weekend).  Don’t even get me started about last year when Congress decided to change the date – I was confused for weeks!  In fact, it was only today that I realized my poor blog has been lagging an hour behind for the past two days (and I realized that if mine has, then yours might be too).   Here’s how to reset your blog’s internal clock:

(1) Go to My Dashboard

(2) Click on “Settings”

(3) Next to Time Zone select “UTC-4”

(4) Click on “Save Changes”

The reason you have to do this manually is that wordpress uses its own internal time zone so that if your physical computer moves in and out of time zones, or if you are posting from a computer in a different time zone, it doesn’t mess with your blog’s time stamp.  Good news for those of you who are international jet setters and plan on blogging from all over the globe, but bad news for the two times a year we have to change the clocks.  Happy spring!


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