and…I’m back

I am sitting here feeling embarrassed and sort of bad about the fact that my last post was almost a month ago.  Here I am advising everyone to post often, even if you think no one’s reading, and then I go off the grid!  To fill you in, I’ve been working on publicizing the John Jay Subway Series Digital Photography and Poetry Contest.  (Please tell me you’ve heard about it!)  We’re accepting submissions of poetry and photography of/about the NYC subway until this Monday (4/26) so any blogging poets or photogs out there, take note.  All submissions can be emailed to

Even though I’ve been MIA, blogging has been on my mind quite a bit.  I had an interesting conversation with Angel and Christopher (of CELS) about what a blogger can do to get people to not just read, but also respond to the blog.  I still think it’s about giving people something that they (a) identify/agree with or (b) vehemently disagree with (or that makes them really angry) …but even then, it’s hard to get people to comment.  I have to admit I have never commented on a blog that wasn’t a jblog and I almost never even post to the listservs I am on, even though I usually know more about the readership on those than on more general blogs.

When I spoke with Kevin at Red Rover, we talked about “lurkers,” i.e. people who read blogs but don’t comment.  One of his blogging communities was using the slogan “lurking is learning” to emphasize that it’s ok to just read/”listen” and then eventually to start commenting.  In this way, it’s kind of like class participation — when I was an undergrad, I never really talked at the beginning of the semester.  I guess I was lurking – listening, taking notes, etc. – and then only later I was comfortable enough to put in my two cents.  For those of you wanting more comments, I would encourage you to publicize your blog to friends and family and post it on facebook – I think that might be the best way to start a small network or community.

Finally, I have also been thinking about a workshop I’ll be giving at the LC faculty training day in early May.  It’s about using technology in learning communities, and I have lots of ideas about that, but I’m also interested if any of you bloggers have suggestions of how you have used technology as a student (or teacher) in the classroom, or how you would like to see it incorporated.  Leave a comment and let me know if you do (or you can always email me privately if you prefer to lurk! ;))


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