Which came first the readers or the blog?

Since I met with the Jbloggers a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been thinking about ways to get more readers, since that was the primary concern that the Jbloggers who have been blogging for some time mentioned at the meeting.  First, I want to reiterate what I have been saying from the get-go, which is that the most important thing for a blog to have if you want more readers is good, consistent posting.  As the title of this post indicates, blogging is sort of a chicken and egg type situation: you don’t want to post if you feel like no one is reading it, but you also won’t get readers if you don’t post consistently.  If you’ve ever looked at a blog that’s sort of empty or outdated, you know that this can kill your interest, and if a reader stumbles upon a blog that seems inactive, he/she will probably not return.  So that’s my first piece of advice: keep writing!

Now, I know that some Jbloggers have kept up with a consistent writing schedule, which I think is awesome, so now for some other tips for publicizing:

(1) Share your blog with everyone you meet

Make sure you have that subscriber button and try to get as many people as you can to subscribe to your blog.  Send emails, post it on facebook, tweet it out – anything to get more people reading.  Another good tip is to allow for readers to share individual posts.  To do this, go to SETTINGS and then SHARING and drag whichever sharing features you want.  Once you save the changes each time you blog the “share this” button will show up at the bottom of the post.  I just enabled this on this blog (see below).

(2) Try to get in good with wordpress.com

WordPress has featured blogs on its homepage, and this can dramatically raise your traffic.  For 5 helpful hints on how to get featured (they call it “freshly pressed”) click here. WordPress also has a blog where the editors discuss how they pick the freshly pressed posts and other stuff related to increasing your blog’s popularity, so it might be a good idea to subscribe to that blog.  Another thing you could do is search wordpress for blogs you might like, and start commenting on those blogs.  If you are signed into wordpress when you comment, your comment will have a link to your blog, and perhaps the blogger who you commented to might return the favor.

(3) Publicize your blog at John Jay

I’m looking into getting the blogs posted on the John Jay website, but it might be a good idea for you to also reach out to possible sites for students, like J Stop or any other online platforms you know students go to a lot.  Make sure you have a Red Rover profile and have linked your blog to it by entering the blog in your profile.  If any of your classes have online components, see if you can post your blog on the Blackboard site or class blog.

Coming up, I am going to post more info on how to get the blogs more traffic from the general community.  My dream is that when someone googles John Jay, these blogs will come up after the official John Jay websites.  Please, if you have any ideas, leave a comment below…


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